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ECU Live Mapping

There are a number of variables that affect the time and complexity involved with each mapping session. With this is mind, we have created a simple price structure based around our mapping stages.

Fiat Coupe 20v turbo (1996-2001)
Stage 1 - £175
Stage 2 - £225
Stage 3 - £275
Stage 4 - £375
Stage 5 - £425

Fiat Coupe 20v (1996-1998)
Stage 1 - £145
Stage 2 - £295

Fiat Bravo HGT 20v (1995-1998)
Stage 1 - £145
Stage 2 - £295

Plug & Play Chips

Enjoy better throttle response, fuel economy and of course more power. Our chips provide an increase in torque across the full range with both wide open throttle and part throttle driving, and an extended rpm limiter for a broader power band. The plug & play chips have been designed for a standard or mildly modded car e.g. exhaust and/or air filter, and have been optimised on the road and dyno for performance and safety. For other modifications e.g cams, gas flowed cylinder heads, throttle bodies, please take a look at our live mapping services.

Fiat Coupe 20v (1996-1998)*
Power: +8bhp
Torque: +7lbs/ft

Fiat Coupe 20v (non-turbo) - Chip

Fiat Bravo HGT 20v Mk1 (1995-1998)*
Power: +8bhp
Torque: +7lbs/ft

Fiat Bravo HGT 20v (Mk 1) - Chip

- Chip Install Guide

*147bhp non-VIS models


Rolling Road
If a rolling road power run is required please request this at the time of booking as it is subject to availability. The power run will include a dyno graph with BHP & Torque and also a fueling/boost trace.

Power Run - £60

Compression Test
For extra piece of mind we can undertake a compression test to determine the health of the engine before mapping.

Compression Test - £10


We sell a number of "fueling and spark" parts should they be needed to assist the mapping process.

Part Install
Fuel Pump Direct Battery Feed £15 £30
Bosch 3.8bar Fuel Pressure Regulator £60 £10
380cc Injectors (5 set) £POA £25
400cc Injectors (5 set) £POA £25
440cc Injectors (5 set) £POA £25
Big MAF housing £POA £25
Coil Packs (used) £POA FREE
Spark Plugs £POA FREE