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Fiat Punto GT

A true pocket rocket, the original mark 1 Punto GT offers fast thrills from it's 1.4 turbo engine. Over the course of a seven year production (1993-99) there were three variants, namely the GT1, GT2 and GT3.

Whether you are after a simple power increase or have extensive modifications, a custom live map will help ensure you are getting the most from your setup in terms of power, drievability and safety. Take a look at our stages below to get an idea of the options available for your Punto GT.

Stage 1

Minimum Specification:
For cars aiming for 150-180bhp.

  • Standard injectors
  • Standard turbo

Stage 1 prices >>

Stage 2

Minimum Specification:
For cars aiming for 170-200bhp.

  • Standard injectors - 303cc
  • 3-4bar fuel pressure
  • Stage 1 TT Hybrid turbo or similar
  • Supporting modifications

Stage 2 prices >>

Stage 3

Minimum Specification:
For cars aiming for 200-250bhp:

  • 303cc - 330cc injectors
  • 3-4bar fuel pressure
  • Stage 2 TT Hybrid , GT25R, GT28R or similar turbo
  • Supporting modifications

Stage 3 prices >>

Stage 4

Minimum Specification:
For cars aiming for 250-330bhp:

  • 330cc - 630cc injectors
  • 3-4bar fuel pressure
  • GT28RS, GT2871R or similar turbo
  • Big MAF conversion
  • Supporting modifications

Stage 4 prices >>

Supporting Modifications
Some of the above stages will require supporting modifications for your Fiat Punto GT in order to successfully reach the desired goals safely. Please consider the following requirements:

  • Fuel pump
  • Charge cooling e.g. FMIC
  • Exhaust
  • Induction
  • Brakes
  • Suspension & tyres
  • Clutch
  • Pistons & Rods
  • Boost Control
For further advise on any tuning stage please contact us

Live Mapping Prices

There are a number of variables that affect the time and complexity involved with each live mapping session. With this is mind, we have created a simple price structure based around our mapping stages.

Fiat Punto GT (1993-1999)
Stage 1 - £245
Stage 2 - £295
Stage 3 - £345
Stage 4 - £395

Parts / Extras

We supply a number of "fueling and spark" parts should they be needed to assist the mapping process.

Part Install
Fuel Pump Direct Battery Feed £45 £30
Bosch 3.8bar Fuel Pressure Regulator £65 £10
330cc Injectors (4 set) £POA £35
440cc Injectors (4 set) £POA £35
630cc Injectors (4 set) £POA £35
Dyno power runs £60 N/A
Spark Plugs £POA £15
Big MAF housing £POA £25