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The Fiat Coupé has many special qualities. Designed by Chris Bangle and hand built by Pininfarina, most owners will agree it transcends the general marque and status with exceptional looks and Italian flare. At the time of production, the 20v Turbo was the fastest front wheel drive car in the world and remarkably 10 years on it has few peers.

We have been involved in the Fiat Coupe community (http://www.fccuk.org) for over 4 years. During this time there have been some fantastic developments which has seen both speed and handling performance increase to new heights. The Coupe enjoys an enviable position as an affordable, fast, rare and fantastic looking sports coupe with considerable potential for true supercar pace. Over the years, we have enjoyed participating in a number of track days and modified car events and currently have the fastest street legal Coupe in the world with an 11 second quarter mile… not bad for front wheel drive!